About Carlson Family Farm & Homestead:

We are not a farm in the traditional sense (though one day we may move closer to that), rather and family embracing sustainable living, hospitality and community through the use of our home and property. Located in southern DeKalb County Indiana, our almost 10 acres includes our home and other buildings, fields, woods, Cedar Creek and more. Growing on our land are two gardens, several fruit trees and numerous fruit bushes amongst other vegetation. We have chickens for family enjoyment and egg production, bees for honey production and enjoy our pets as well. We also produce Maple Syrup and host many parties and gatherings at our home.

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The Carlson Family Farm and Homestead was established in 2013 by Marcus & Jessica Carlson and family. It is more than a home as we focus on family, hospitality, community, sustainable living as well as offering some homemade items produced on our property.